Preview for upcoming issues on Lung Cancer: guest-edited by Rafael Rosell and Niki Karachaliou

Published: 2013-01-29
Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer related mortality worldwide. With the aim of providing the most up-to-date knowledge in this field, Translational Lung Cancer Research will launch two consecutive special issues in the second quarter of 2013, dedicated to improving the management of patients with lung cancer.

Our guest editors for these two special issues on lung cancer are Prof Rafael Rosell, Head of the Medical Oncology Service at the Catalan Institute of Oncology, Badalona, Spain, and Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Pangaea Biotech S.L, Barcelona, Spain and Dr Niki Karachaliou from Pangaea Biotech, USP Instituto Universitario Dexeus, Barcelona, Spain.

These two special issues will focus on genetic etiology, diagnostic tools and management of lung cancer, providing explanations and educational information on lung cancer for the wider medical community. This two-issue series will feature key opinions from outstanding experts in lung cancer, presenting challenges and opportunities in radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy, respectively. Offering a unique platform for the exploration of targeted treatment for lung cancer patients, these two issues will represent a unique collection of the most cutting edge literature on lung cancer from leading experts in the field.

The current outline for these two issues is as follows:


ALK, ROS as a joint target for the treatment of lung cancer: A review

Authors: Jordi Texidó, Jose Ignacio Borell, Roger Estrada

Universal molecular screening: RNA sequence in clinical applications
Authors: Carlota Costa 

Activating mutations clustered in the brake regions of kinases 
Authors: Miguel Angel Molina 

FGFR1 in squamous cell carcinoma of the lung 
Authors: Jurgen Wolf, Reinhard Buttner 

Copy number gains of FGFR1 and 3q in squamous cell carcinoma of the lung 
Authors: Pedro Mendez, Jose Luis Ramirez

Management of ROS1 and RET translocated lung cancer 
Authors: Jurgen Wolf, Reinhard Buttner, Niki Karachaliou, Irene Sansano, Carlota Costa

HER2 driven NSCLC, potential therapeutic approaches 
Authors: Enriqueta Felip

Targeting EML4-ALK driven NSCLC 
Authors: Teresa Moran

KRAS mutant NSCLC, a new opportunity for the synthetic lethality therapeutic approach 
Authors: Javier de Castro


Whole genome sequencing and transcriptome characterization of lung cancer 

Authors: Petros Giannikopoulos, Trever Bivona

Tumor heterogeneity, evolution through space and time: a rebiopsy study 
Authors: Margarita Majem 

Customizing adjuvant chemotherapy 
Authors: Bartomeu Massuti, Jose Miguel Sanchez, Florentino Hernando-Trancho, Niki Karachaliou, Rafael Rosell

Worldwide trial with a 14-gene signature in high risk stage I non-squamous cell carcinoma 
Author: David Jablons 

Customizing chemotherapy in metastatic NSCLC 
Authors: Jia Wei, Teresa Moran, Zhengyun Zou, Xiaoping Qian, Lifeng Wang, Carlos Camps, Wenjing Hu, Imane Chaib, Belén Sanchez, Lixia Xu, Niki Karachaliou, María Sanchez-Ronco, Baroui Liu, Rafael Rosell

What is the relevance of SOX2 in SCLC, lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the lung?  
Authors: Niki Karachaliou, Santiago Viteri, Rafael Rosell

State of the art of radiotherapy 
Authors: Pilar Garrido

Predictive models for customizing chemotherapy in advanced NSCLC 
Authors: Laura Bonanno

Adaptive resistance to targeted therapies in cancer
Authors: Rafael Rosell, Niki Karachaliou, Daniela Morales-Espinosa

BRAF mutant NSCLC 
Authors: Jose Miguel Sanchez, Santiago Viteri

Management of elderly patients 
Authors: Alain Vergenengre