Transesophageal needle aspiration using a third-generation Olympus ultrasound bronchoscope for subaortic lesions: a report of two cases

Masahide Oki, Hideo Saka, Yoshihito Kogure


Transesophageal endoscopic ultrasound with bronchoscope-guided fine needle aspiration (EUS- B-FNA) has been reported to be useful for evaluating paraesophageal lesions; however, its ability to access subaortic lesions is relatively limited. The third-generation Olympus ultrasound bronchoscope, which was released in 2018, has a wider up-angulation range, which is theoretically preferable to previous models for puncturing the subaortic lesions. We report herein two cases with subaortic lesions that could not be evaluated using a conventional ultrasound bronchoscope, but that were successfully evaluated and diagnosed via EUS-B-FNA employing a new ultrasound bronchoscope.