Dr. Erik Thunnissen: how to appropriately optimize the handling of surgically resected specimens

Posted On 2017-12-27 14:57:54

Dr Erik Thunnissen: First of all, there has to be a proper diagnosis. In the end for the surgeon and the oncology team, and also if there is a tumor, we need to see its resection margin, if the resection margins are free or not. In the case of lobectomy, there is a huge specimen, and it usually collapses, and so it influences the architecture of the lung, because the width of the lung is about like this. We receive it with about one third of the original width. Then the handling needs to be oriented in the same way as it was in the patient to understand the position. During the whole procedure, the 3-dimensional location in relation to the patient needs to be maintained. So we make pictures, in the unfixed (fresh) situation from two sides, so we can have reasonable images.

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