Vol 3, No 3 (June 2014): 4th European Lung Cancer Conference (ELCC)- Guest Editor: Paul Van Schil

Posted On 2015-08-27 14:53:44

With great organization by Prof. Paul Van Schil, Translational Lung Cancer Research (TLCR) presents this special issue dedicated to the 4th European Lung Cancer Conference (ELCC) held in Geneva, Switzerland from 26 till 29 March 2014. This was an excellent conference with state of the art presentations and a thorough update on all aspects of thoracic oncology. 

Progress in lung cancer diagnosis and management is progressing at a fast pace and thoracic oncology remains a fascinating research subject. However, a lot of problems need to be addressed and many controversial issues remain for which little evidence is available at the present time. Internationally renowned speakers and lung cancer specialists who gave a presentation at the meeting, agreed to contribute to this special issue of TLCR comprising many timely and important subjects.