Xiao-dong Jiang, MD, PhD

Director of Oncology Department and Radiotherapy Centre, Chief Physician, No.1 People’s Hospital of Lianyungang City (3A), Jiangsu, China

Professor Jiang is an academic leader of key discipline (Radiotherapy) in Jiangsu Province, Director of Oncology Department and Radiotherapy Centre at No.1 People’s Hospital of Lianyungang City (3A), and a Supervisor of Oncology at Xuzhou Medical College.

Prof Jiang is always endless striving for excellence in medical and obtained his MD from the Tianjin Medical University. Since 1993 Prof Jiang has devoted his professional career to the research of cancers and great accomplishment has been achieved.

Especially in the last 5 years, Prof Jiang has presided over many major projects, two of which were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. And now he is an evaluation expert of the subjects supported by Anti-Tumor Special Fund of Chinese International Medical Foundation.

Prof Jiang has published more than 20 theses, some of which were published in the famous journals like Lung Cancer, Cancer Research, International Journal of Radiation Oncology, and Clinical Translational Oncology. And he has been serving on the editorial boards of the Journal of Practical Medicine.

In 2010, Prof Jiang was invited to make a lecture about his research at the second Sino-USA Radiation Oncology Conference. In 2014, he also gave an persuasive speech at the Chinese Society of Radiation Oncology (CSTRO).