Giulia M. Stella, MD, PhD

Department of Hematological, Pneumological and Cardiovascular Sciences - Section of Pneumology, University and Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico, Pavia, Italy

Dr Giulia Maria Stella graduated in Medicine and Surgery (110/110 cum Laude) in 2001. She obtained the MD European Qualification in 2002. She obtained the Specialization in Respiratory System Diseases (50/50 cum laude). She completed the PhD in Pharmacological Sciences, University of Pavia Medical School. Thesis title: “MET somatic mutations in early metastatic cancers” (Tutors: Prof E.Pozzi, University of Pavia and Prof PM Comoglio, University of Turin) and then the Master degree in Molecular Oncology (110/110 cum laude)- Dept of Oncological Sciences, University of Turin Medical School in 2011. She is now working as Clinical Research Assistant - Pulmunology/Thoracic Oncology Unit at Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo , Pavia and as lecturer for Respiratory System Diseases at University of Pavia Medical School. Technical skills and Clinical competences Molecular Biology: DNA cloning, sequencing, PCR,Real time PCR (Sybr and Taq Man); Cell Biology: Cell culture of mammalian cells, transient and stabletransfection, single cell dilution, use of inducible promoters, virus production and cellular transduction (infection with retrovirus and lentivirus); Biochemistry: western immuno-blotting, protein kinase assay; Bioinformatics: working knowledge of various software including: Microsoft Word, Power Point, EndNote, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Origin.; Clinical Expertise : invasive procedures (bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy,lymphnodes biopsy, thoracenthesis and paracenthesis); medical procedures: lung cancer patientsmanagement (involved as responsible of Thoracic Oncology section).