Shirish Madhav Gadgeel, MD

Professor, Department of Oncology, Wayne State University/Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit, MI, USA

Professor Gadgeel is the co-leader of the Molecular Therapeutics Program of the Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI). Professor Gadgeel is a medical oncologist by training and his area of interest is Thoracic Oncology. He is the leader of the Thoracic Oncology team at KCI and a member of the phase I team. Professor Gadgeel has conducted and participated in many lung cancer specific trials and in phase I trials, including investigator initiated trials based on laboratory research. He has also been a principal investigator of a Southwest Oncology Group trial, S0528 and NCI protocol 7389. He has participated in several immune therapy related trials, particularly trials with anti-PD-1 drugs. Professor Gadgeel has also engaged in many epidemiologic studies in the field of lung cancer, publishing on features of lung cancer in African-Americans and in young patients. Professor Gadgeel is currently the PI of multi-PI R21 to identify ‘driver’ genetic alterations in African-American lung cancer patients. He is also the co-leader of the Molecular Therapeutics Program of the Core Cancer Center Grant of Karmanos Cancer Institute. Professor Gadgeel is the site PI for the NO1 grant awarded to the California Cancer Consortium. Professor Gadgeel’s clinical research experience spans 14 years. He enrolls about 60 lung cancer patients on clinical trials each year. He is also a member of the steering Committees of the Early Therapeutics Committee and Lung Cancer Committee of Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG). Professor Gadgeel is a member of the Editorial Board of Clinical Lung Cancer and Cancer and a reviewer for many journals including Clinical Cancer Research, Lancet Oncology and Journal of Thoracic Oncology. He has also served as faculty for the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and as a member of the Education Committee of ASCO. Professor Gadgeel is a member of the Ethics Committee of the International Association of Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). He was awarded by the NCI the Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award in 2012.