Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong, MD, PhD, Fellow of American College of Radiology

Professor of Radiation Oncology and Medical and Molecular Genetics, Indiana University; Director of Clinical Research and Clinical Trial, Department of Radiation Oncology, Co-Leader of Thoracic Oncology Program, Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center, Indianapolis, USA. The First President and Chair of Sino-American Network for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.

Prof. Kong’s academic interests include image-guided and molecular marker-guided precision adaptive radiation therapy, gene therapy for tumor control, survival and radiation-induced normal tissue toxicity, predictive biomarkers for survival and treatment side effects of radiation therapy, and modern stereotactic radiation technology to modulate immunofunction. Prof. Kong is the principal investigator of a multicenter clinical trial cosponsored by the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group and the American College of Radiology Imaging Network using PET and modern technology to individualize radiation therapy in non-small cell lung cancer (RTOG1106/ACR6697), a randomized trial originated from her R01 on mid-treatment PET guided adaptive treatment. Prof. Kong is funded both internationally and nationally by the National Institutes of Health for clinical trials related to non-small cell lung cancer. 

Prof. Kong’s clinical interests include radiation therapy and multidisciplinary care for lung cancer, esophageal cancer, thymoma, mesothelioma, liver cancer as well as any metastatic cancers. Prof. Kong believes the standard technology for radiation therapy is high conformal precisely targeted therapy; stereotactic technique should be used under all situations possible. Prof. Kong's ambitious goal is to, by the use of modern technology and biomarker, to maximize tumor control, survival and minimize treatment toxicities of critical structures including lung, heart, esophagus, and immune system.

Prof. Kong is the co-chair of the NRG functional image working group, a core member of the RTOG lung steering committee and translational science program, co-chair of translational science of SBRT trial such as RTOG618 and RTOG813, and the PI of RTOG1106. Dr. Kong is a known expert on normal tissue toxicity, is the Chair of AAPM effort of Hytec for SBRT on safety assessment for thoracic organs. Dr. Kong has served a scientific committee member of ASCO and ASTRO annual meetings, international lung cancer congress, senior associated editor of International Journal of Radiation Oncology, is currently an editorial board member of Journal of Clinical Oncology. 

Terms of Appointment: Apr 2016 to Apr 2019; Jul 2019 to Jul 2021