Paul Jules Van Houtte

Department Radiation Oncology, Institut Jules Bordet, Université Libre Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Paul Van Houtte was graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and has completed his postgraduate training in the Institut Bordet and earned a license of radiation oncology in 1978 and nuclear medicine. Except for two years spent in Rochester, New York in the department of P.Rubin, all his medical activity took place in Brussels. He became head of this department of radiation oncology in 1986 till 2014; currently, he is professor emeritus of radiation oncology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and still consultant in the Institut.

His main area of research and activities was related to lung, gastro-intestinal and prostatic cancer. He has been active within the EORTC Radiotherapy group, the European Lung Working Party and the International association for the study of Lung Cancer. One main interest has been to promote the treatment of lung cancer especially the multimodality approach including the chemo-radiotherapy approach but also to promote a radiation treatment of quality through an active participation in teaching activities at the national and international level.

He took an active part within the ABRO-BVRO, IASLC and ESTRO, he was the scientific chairman of the Praha congress. He participated and coordinated several teaching courses and workshops on Lung Cancer within the ESTRO, ESO, IASLC or ERS. He is the author or co-author of more than 250 peer-reviewed articles, editorials and book chapters. He received the IASLC scientific award for his activities and the ESTRO Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine.