Radiotherapy in thoracic malignancies

Posted On 2021-05-19 16:20:39

In this series of Translational Lung Cancer Research, a group of renowned world experts presents the comprehensive and timely review of state-of-the-art radiation therapy in lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.

Editorial on Radiotherapy in Thoracic Malignancies
Radiotherapy in thoracic malignancies: the preface
Jacek Jassem, Rafał Dziadziuszko

Review Article on Radiotherapy in Thoracic Malignancies
Stereotactic radiotherapy for early stage non-small cell lung cancer: current standards and ongoing research
Eugenia Vlaskou Badra, Michael Baumgartl, Silvia Fabiano, Aurélien Jongen, Matthias Guckenberger

Preoperative and postoperative radiotherapy (RT) for non-small cell lung cancer: still an open question
Paul Van Houtte, Luigi Moretti, Florian Charlier, Martine Roelandts, Dirk Van Gestel

Original Article on Radiotherapy in Thoracic Malignancies
Stage III N2 non-small cell lung cancer treatment: decision-making among surgeons and radiation oncologists
Markus Glatzer, Pawel Leskow, Francesca Caparrotti, Olgun Elicin, Markus Furrer, Franco Gambazzi, André Dutly, Hans Gelpke, Matthias Guckenberger, Jürg Heuberger, Rolf Inderbitzi, Stefano Cafarotti, Wolfram Karenovics, Peter Kestenholz, Gregor Jan Kocher, Peter Kraxner, Thorsten Krueger, Francesco Martucci, Christoph Oehler, Mahmut Ozsahin, Alexandros Papachristofilou, Dirk Wagnetz, Kathrin Zaugg, Daniel Zwahlen, Isabelle Opitz, Paul Martin Putora

Review Article on Radiotherapy in Thoracic Malignancies
Dose and fractionation schedules in radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer
Lucyna Kepka, Joanna Socha

Challenges in the target volume definition of lung cancer radiotherapy
Susan Mercieca, José S. A. Belderbos, Marcel van Herk

Evolving target volume concepts in locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Ursula Nestle, Cecile Le Pechoux, Dirk De Ruysscher

Tumour motion management in lung cancer: a narrative review
Angela Botticella, Antonin Levy, Guillaume Auzac, Isabelle Chabert, Céline Berthold, Cécile Le Pechoux

Concurrent chemoradiotherapy for stage III non-small-cell lung cancer: recent progress and future perspectives (a narrative review)
Małgorzata Łazar-Poniatowska, Artur Bandura, Rafał Dziadziuszko, Jacek Jassem

Combining radiotherapy with targeted therapies in non-small cell lung cancer: focus on anti-EGFR, anti-ALK and anti-angiogenic agents
Anna Wrona, Rafał Dziadziuszko, Jacek Jassem

An overview of the published and running randomized phase 3 clinical results of radiotherapy in combination with immunotherapy
Ben G. L. Vanneste, Evert J. Van Limbergen, Kobe Reynders, Dirk De Ruysscher

Thoracic radiotherapy in small cell lung cancer—a narrative review
Antonin Levy, Angela Botticella, Cécile Le Péchoux, Corinne Faivre-Finn

Prophylactic cranial irradiation in SCLC
Rafal Suwinski

Controversies in the role of radiotherapy in pleural mesothelioma
Gerard G. Hanna, Thomas John, David L. Ball

Radiotherapy for thymic epithelial tumours: a review
Krisztian Süveg, Paul Martin Putora, Markus Joerger, Thomas Iseli, Galina Farina Fischer, Karlheinz Ammann, Markus Glatzer

The series “Radiotherapy in thoracic malignancies” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Lung Cancer Research without any sponsorship or funding. Jacek Jassem and Rafał Dziadziuszko served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.